Thursday, December 16, 2010

"It's Raining...not Snowing"

Rain is softly falling. The view from my front porch! It was a dreary, cool, overcast winter day. While living in Arizona has it advantages, though at Christmas time we get rain instead of snow. I am a midwest girl at heart and I truly love a snowy day with lots of snow on the ground. Hearing the crunch of snow under my feet reminds of the delightful times and adventures I had living back east. I may have to do something to create a snowy environment here. How about the outside decor including many shades of white with lots of glitter to create a winter look? I could hang glass icicles from my tree (I do) or perhaps I need to stack mounds of faux snowballs in outdoor urns and hang snowflakes and icicles from my porch. Not this year though, we have red lights on the porch columns and white cluster lights on the eaves. Looks like a candy cane house when the lights are on. Next year, we'll see what we can add, there's a whole year to plan.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

90 Concrete Tiles Later...Up a Ladder

Part of our keeping our current insurance provider was to replace and repair the broken tiles on our roof. Not an easy task as we have about ten different slopes and separate areas of roofing.  The inspection report said that twenty tiles needed to be removed and replaced...I think the man couldn't count right or he grew tired.  Actually it was more like ninety tiles that had to be carried up the ladder and the old broken tiles were tossed off the roof. When I said tossed off...that's exactly what happened...wherever they would fall or should I say where they were thrown and not by me. Front yard, side yard, rear yard, by the drive way and if you are wondering who got to collect and pick up the broken tiles...look no was me.  See the pile! The dark tiles are actually the ones that were replaced. What a difference in color and we have a pile of the original ones...that's what the sun does to them.  Next project..finding a way to get rid of the pigeons and helping them to find a new roosting place...think it's possible? Dirty birds!!!!!!