Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh my a New Project

New Couch, new and colorful pillows needed.  Here's what
I came up with being budget minded.  Fabric and trim from
Hobby Lobby(clearance bin of course). This store has some
wonderful bargains. Recycled pillow forms. Just love the
trim...light and airy. On to finishing my other projects.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Barkley's Week

Last Friday while on a walk with Barkley and Mattie, I noticed that Barkley's front left foot was bleeding around one of the nails.   At this point we were about a half-mile from home; I checked his foot to see if there was a tear on the bottom.  Couldn't see anything (didn’t have my glasses with me) and he did not seem in pain, so I alternated carrying him and letting him walk.  Promptly soaked the foot in peroxide after getting home.  During the next couple of days the foot was cleaned and soaked, hoping that a trip to the vet wasn't in our future. Monday morning, the poor little guy was licking and licking his foot and there again was blood.  So off to the Vet we went, where it was determined that his nail was cracked and broken with in the cuticle.  With emergency surgery that night and two hundred eighty dollars, the nail was removed and his little foot wrapped.  He spent the night with our Vet; she actually stayed  at the clinic with him. We are lucky to have her for our pets.  He is now on pain meds and antibiotics.  Foot is healing, though he is a little protective of it yet.  This nail will never grow back.  
How he cracked his nail is still speculation, I think he did it jumping off the bed in the middle of the night and landing on the wood floor.  The moral of this story is ...keep their nails trimmed and the dog off the bed. If you know Barkley, the latter will never happen.  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Ostrich Parade

Last Saturday I was in the annual City of Chandler Ostrich Festival Parade.  My DAR chapter participated in this event with the entry of three highly decorated golf carts and seven lively ladies. Dawn's cart looks like a little dragster and of course is decorated in red, white and blue. We all had a great time driving in tandem, honking the cart horns and being followed by the APS fire trucks that replied with their sirens.  What a racket...though the kids along the route enjoyed it.   This all made for an enjoyable time and one sore arm from waving.