Sunday, October 24, 2010

Las Vegas October 2010

Wedding Vows Renewed
A few of my favorite photos of the weekend. Time spent with family celebrating and visiting the casinos.  Some are so amazing and filled with the most beautiful sights.
Celebrating 60 years of marriage
The Venitian
New York New York

Paris Hotel
Ceiling in the Belogio

The Belogio
Part of the 9-11 Exhibit at New York New York

Week 4

Looking at newly varnished floor 
Items Completed *  Floors finished and they are beautiful.
                                Took four days for the polyurithan coat.
                                Couldn't work in the house.
                            *  Fencing
                            *  Garden started
                            *  Still working on the paint colors...this
                                will be a work in progress
                            *  Bought white appliances to be delivered
                                this week
                            *  Washed doors and removed hardware
                            *  Removed and replaced around 90 concrete roof
Rear Porch
                            *  Painters begin tomorrow..last week before move.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 3

Completed...a lot of bits and pieces
* Floors are repaired, sanded and stained
* Windows fixed
* New garage door installed
* All screens removed and washed..just lost one
* New fence up and gates to be installed
* Top soil delivered
* Found new stove...undecided about it
   ..not sure if I want to spend the money
   right now and do I really want all white
* Gift from a friend..two outside lights to
   frame the new front door
* Gift from a great friend...beautiful chandlier
   for dining room
* All cupboards washed and cleaned, inside and out
* Ordered new locks and handlesets
* Still looking for dishwasher..back to the color choice
* Choose interior paint colors
* Bought paint samples for the exterior..hope they work
* Washed and cleaned up all the exterior of
   the windows, sills and frames.  This was
   gross, lots of dead bugs and spider webs.
Seems to be a theme...dead bugs and spider webs
Thats country living?

Tired...moving day?  Maybe ten days off.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 2

Completed..* new door installed
                   * front porch cleaned and catsclaw vines removed
                   * drywall repairs completed through out house and garage
                   * cleaned up weeds, dead birds and trash front yard
                   * rear yard..gas powered weed eater took care of it
                   * cleaned and washed all windows and frames
                   * washed half of interior doors
                   * started cabinet much of a good thing..
                      need several of these items going at one time
                   * cleaned fireplaces...cobwebs and dead bugs
                   * vacuumed the closets and walls..more cobwebs                            

Birds nest was an interesting construction project for the bird...actually made out of cotton and strung among the catsclaw.
Also found lots of hornets nests, strange looking black bugs...huge black bugs and lots of ants.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Life of a Dog named Lily

A warm fall day found Lily in the water hole or perhaps its the water trough, where she loves to cool off. The life of a dog...sweet.