Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Wild Five Days in LA

Sitting here nursing a cold and reflecting on what a crazy life I have at times...just spent five days in LA at a seminar.  It was a  WOW...and a whole lot crazy.  Fun as you can see from the photos.  It wore me out...up at 5:30 and to be at 2:00.  We were busy...busy.  Took bus tours of LA...I know one thing for sure...I will never move there!  Just to much traffic and grid lock.
We had tickets to watch a portion of the Jay Leno show being filmed..what a hoot.  Loved being in the studio and then we were off to visit an old friend and his family. Great times.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tree Art

Recieved a gift a couple of years ago from a dear friend, that I never was able to can see it on this tree stump.  Knew I would be moving and didn't want to put it up and have to leave it there.  So today while trying to organize the garage the gift was found again and this time attached to this wonderful old citrus tree.  Though long dead... the eyes, nose and mouth fit this tree...perhaps a bird will actually get a meal...the mouth is a bird feeder. Love it!  Another addition that makes this place a home.  Come and visit some time. And thanks again for the gift!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

80th Birthday

A celebration of live!  My father in law turned 80 last Friday and we did celebrate at the Olive Garden.
The attendees and the honored guest enjoyed a wonderful meal, music and companionship. We toasted, talked about life experiences and wished Wally a happy, happy birthday.  The cake shown was made by a family friend, a pastry chef, and it was as good and delicious as it looks. Chocolate leaves and sugarcoated raspberries covered the top. I believe that Wally was touched (saw some small tears) and had a wonderful day.  And that is what life is about...wonderful days.

Home for a Cat

Another cat?  No, oh No! I seem to attract cats...all kinds and sizes. This has been a reoccurring theme through out my life.  And guess what I am a dog person.... these critters just some how enter my life.  Here is the newest addition...a white male that has adopted us and especially Mattie May.  They do the walk about together around the property each morning.  Stretch as I am calling him now (that's what he does a lot of.... fitting) is a cute guy who was abandoned and has been on his own since last June. He is just a friendly boy, loves to be petted, stroked and loved.  Spice, my other cat is not a happy girl; she does not like him around.  Have you ever seen two cats fight thru a sliding glass door...squeals, scratching and posturing...what a scream?  So we now have an outside cat...and I am sure a new cathouse will need to be built. Got to love it!