Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple Dumpling Cafe

A real home cooked country breakfast is what we had enjoyed at the Apple Dumpling Cafe. The Cafe is located 23706 S. Power Rd, Queen Creek.  Found this quaint place on a recent outing looking for a possible new home.  This part of the valley I love.  It’s full of acre properties with orange trees and amazing views of the San Tan Mountains.   It’s a place that screams of home. The service was great and prompt. Though I think most of all I will love coming for dessert especially!  They have hand made fudge and old fashion ice cream. Can't wait till we visit again, diet will be done and I can make my way to the ice cream counter to choose among the tasty treats they offer. Yes, Yes, I need to buy a place close.  I just loved this Cafe.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gilbert's Historic Water Tower

photo, gilbert's historic water towerThe Town of Gilbert took their historical water tower, refurbished it and improved the surrounding grounds’ into a water park. It is a historical landmark, the tallest attraction in all of Gilbert rising up to 123 feet; it is the one thing that marks the spot of real Gilbert.  What an oasis in downtown Gilbert. No pun intended. The park has an amphitheatre, a splash pad, various water features, an overflowing ledge, benches for sitting to enjoy the sounds, and a kugel ball where water splashes down from an old water arm for tank filling. The kugel made out of dark granite is located on the ground and is mounted on a base. At set times of the day, water is released down on top of the Kugel allowing it to spread in different directions.  Located within the park is the old water pump building which has been restored. The building was actually the very first jailhouse in Gilbert. It is a center for information and pictures on the tower's history. With the pending sale of our house, I am taking a look at areas close to me, it’s amazing how familiar they become and some times just overlooked. This a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Liberty Market is next door with great coffee and a wonderful breakfast menu.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday Night's Fun

What a week this has been with visitors from Wisconsin, lots of enjoyable family and friends.  While they are here, I always like to try new, exciting and vibrant places to visit and eat.  A different menu, just full of new flavors and delights to taste and enjoy. Friday night was de la Cruz Bistro in lovely downtown Mesa. And the place was full, and much to our delight; dancers and music.  We had not a clue what entertainment and fun we would have watching and listening. This dancer, Liliana is fantastic.  If I could do half of the movements she does, I would be thin for life.  The food, oh my, the food...it was wonderful, a blend of Cuban, Mexican and South American delights. If you are in Mesa some evening, with not a clue where to eat….try this delightful restaurant.  The only caution I have, if you have a problem with being in a place full of noise, laughter, clapping and great entertainment, this is not the place for you. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Forbidden Broadway"

Ladies night out, yippee! What fun!  The ladies, that is my two sisters in laws and a great friend attended a show at Mesa Encore Theater. Showing, a drum roll please.... the wickedly funny Forbidden Broadway. It is has been one of  New York’s longest-running hit musical comedy.  Well-known show tunes and performers are skewered in a hilarious medley of songs and scenes featuring knee-slapping ‘alternative lyrics.’ Performers target such famed targets (shows) such as “Chicago,” “Phantom of the Opera,” and “Les Miserables”.  Broadway legends such as Carol Channing, Chita Rivera and Ethel Merman are also poked.  This is a great show and a great place just to enjoy a good laugh.  You don’t have to be up on the latest Broadway hits to enjoy “Forbidden Broadway,” you just have to enjoy a good laugh and we did.  Our favorite spoof was the Chita/ Rita scene.  If you appreciate a good lampooning, you’ll love “Forbidden Broadway”.
After a stop at the ladies room, too much laughter, we were on our way to Scottsdale, we thought to Peppin, a Tapas Bar.  After arriving at the Mall, we soon discovered there was any additional $15 cover charge for the band.  If it had included a dancer, we would have been first in line to get in the door.  Instead we went next door to AZ88, The Bar, where we had a great snack, enjoyed the cool evening, great views of the mall and an extraordinarily modern place.  It was complete with hanging manikin legs covered with panty hose and suspended from the ceiling with, what else suspenders.  Crazy!

Beginnings of the Theater
Joseph S. Jarvis in 1937 became head to the Mesa Parks Department, his desire was "to make Mesa a beautiful place for all to live". He knew there was a need for a community recreational and cultural program.    One of his first orders of business was to start a theatre group. Throughout the past almost 70 years, from its humble beginnings on a school stage, to loading flats and properties on a truck, traveling to performance locations, and thousands of volunteers have worked to carry on the Jarvis legacy. By donating their time, talent and financial support, MET has produced over 175 full-length plays. MET has brought together members of the community to act, sing, build sets, stage manage, run lights and sound, sell tickets, usher and bake refreshments for intermission. Today, Mesa Encore Theatre still operates through the efforts of volunteers working to provide a wonderful evening of live theatre.  It is a small, intimate theatre where you can sit close to the action. A great venue for just enjoying an evening out, even in downtown Mesa.  And another history moment.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Arizona Capital Museum

                                                             A Little History

Arizona State Capitol MuseumIn the years before Arizona became a state, the territorial capital moved from Prescott to Tucson, then back to Prescott, before finally settling in Phoenix. In 1898, a stately territorial capitol building was erected (with a copper roof to remind the local citizenry of the importance of that metal in the Arizona economy). Atop this copper roof was placed the statue Winged Victory, which still graces the old capitol building today. This building no longer serves as the actual state capitol, but has been restored to the way it appeared in 1912; the year Arizona became a state. Among the rooms on view are the senate and house chambers, as well as the governor's office. Excellent exhibits provide interesting perspectives on early Arizona events and lifestyles. There are free-guided tours Monday through Friday at 10am and 2pm.  
Will be volunteering as a tour guide here.  I am in training now and finding out what an amazing place it is. And since I love architecture and history, I feel right at home. Check it out sometime!