Sunday, July 24, 2011

Continental Congress

I know this post is a little out of sequence…but what a delightful few days in Washington DC. What a trip this turned out to be...spent Monday night at the airport in Phoenix.  Just didn't make the midnight flight and the next plane leaves at six logically I decided to stay at the airport, with all the back and forth travel time, it would only leave me three hours at home.  Instead I got to watch a few drug dogs being trained, TV news and the chance to take a short nap before being awakened by the new arrivals.  Luckily I did get on the flight and thought wow...I am on the it was wrong. The plane had problems, we left four hours later, had to wait for a part to be flown in from LA.  Made it to Chicago, yeah!... needed to fly into Chicago to be able to get into Reagan Airport that is only ten minutes from the hotel.  With forty-five minutes between the next flight, I was cautiously worried about making this connection, but I did. And thought lucky me! 
Well this time it was bad weather over DC, that held us on the tarmac for ninety minutes...oh well, we were finally up, up and away.  Missed my dinner with friends but got to the hotel at eight thirty, had a small dinner in the bar and off to bed, the convention started at eight am. 
And lucky me I got to walk by the White House each day...back side..what a view. It was only a ten-minute walk from the hotel to the DAR Buildings.  Told Omaha each day what I thought...great feeling, I know he didn't listen. Met some wonderful people there...learned more about DAR, things that you can only learn and feel by attending the conference. More on this later. Only regret, didn't stay long enough.  Should have stayed for the 4th of July parade and ceremonies,  will plan better next year.

The Chair from?

The pattern...the pattern.  I should have known better. This is driving me mad and crazy trying to match the pattern on so many pieces.  After awhile...its hard to remember which way is up. Think I will put it aside for today. Need to sand the legs...will wait til it cools off a bit.  Just taking longer than I wanted.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Project

And here it is!  This wing back chair is now all apart, staples removed and pieces and parts numbered and indentified.  There was around 500 staples in this chair holding the various fabric pieces and the entire chair I believe together.  Fingers are sore today. Tomorrow?  I will refinish the legs...want them a few shades darker and then on to cut the new pieces.  The new fabric was bought for a dollar a yard at the local fabric store...every Wedsday they have bolts for sale...$1 a yard. So far this chair redo has cost $13 and it will be a bargain.  Wish me luck...I took lots of pictures and am hoping I can get it back together.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Memories of the Cat House and thoughts of John

Photo of the Cat House built for Tabatha and Einstien. Both cats were strays and found a home with our Gilbert home.  Found this is a book that Melanie had brought to work...a Mary Just love her things. George built it and the cats lived there ...was thier security and place of shelter for many years.  Time took its toil on the little cat house and the cats.  Einstien was with us for two years and Tabbie for around fifteen.We had a prankster of a neighbor...John was his name...he put up signs in the front yard about George's Cat House...this one I will let you use your imagination. Sweet Memories...
Here's to Buddy, one fine gentleman of a dog.  Have never enjoyed a dog coming into my life as much as buddy...that beautiful golden retriever.  He's been here a month now and what a joy and treasurer he is.
I think I must thank this young lady ....his previous owner for his good manners.  He actually waits for me to go in and out of the door. Heels...and does it with out a fuss.  Its now me and my shadow...Buddy.
I am the lucky one.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Friend

And this is my best friend...can't you see by her face.  Without her at times, my life would be not be right...we talk each day...actually she is my sister by choice...aren't I the lucky one!