Sunday, July 24, 2011

Continental Congress

I know this post is a little out of sequence…but what a delightful few days in Washington DC. What a trip this turned out to be...spent Monday night at the airport in Phoenix.  Just didn't make the midnight flight and the next plane leaves at six logically I decided to stay at the airport, with all the back and forth travel time, it would only leave me three hours at home.  Instead I got to watch a few drug dogs being trained, TV news and the chance to take a short nap before being awakened by the new arrivals.  Luckily I did get on the flight and thought wow...I am on the it was wrong. The plane had problems, we left four hours later, had to wait for a part to be flown in from LA.  Made it to Chicago, yeah!... needed to fly into Chicago to be able to get into Reagan Airport that is only ten minutes from the hotel.  With forty-five minutes between the next flight, I was cautiously worried about making this connection, but I did. And thought lucky me! 
Well this time it was bad weather over DC, that held us on the tarmac for ninety minutes...oh well, we were finally up, up and away.  Missed my dinner with friends but got to the hotel at eight thirty, had a small dinner in the bar and off to bed, the convention started at eight am. 
And lucky me I got to walk by the White House each day...back side..what a view. It was only a ten-minute walk from the hotel to the DAR Buildings.  Told Omaha each day what I thought...great feeling, I know he didn't listen. Met some wonderful people there...learned more about DAR, things that you can only learn and feel by attending the conference. More on this later. Only regret, didn't stay long enough.  Should have stayed for the 4th of July parade and ceremonies,  will plan better next year.

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