Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tostada Bowl, A Flag Day

One thing that I was able to do and never will forget the wonderful, almost floating experience happened at the Tostada Bowl this year.  I got to be part of the volunteers to open the flag on the field.  We arrived at the stadium in Glendale around 2:30 to meet and be oriented on the procedures of unfolding, running the flag and actually keeping it off the ground during the pre game ceremonies. What fun we had, though the wait for 45 seconds of fame was trying.  That’s how long the song was played and we had to unfurl it and refold in that time frame. Meet lots of wonderful people from Alabama and Oregon.  It was a feast for the eyes or should I say imagination...seeing some of the costumes and outfits.  And I must say I love those southern ladies attitudes, makes me smile just thinking of them. If I come back to another life on earth...please I would love to be one, a southern lady.
This flag is the size of the football field and we had 200 volunteers helping with it. I was under the flag helping to keep it afloat.... what a feeling!  I will never be able to describe it...seeing the flag above and the grass below...almost like a dance. Next year...hope I get to do it again.  It was a WOW! 

Little Dog with a Big Attitude

Barkley is his name. He is a Miniature Pincher that we adopted about 10 years ago and dearly love. This little dog has been such a great pal and pet.  Last summer he developed diabetics unfortunately it took a while for us to realize he was sick.  A trip to our vet and he knew just by looking at his eye what the problem was. Several test later and days spent measuring his glucoses levels, he is now somewhat under control.
He has lost seven pounds in the last few months and now has a cataract brought on by this disease. His life now revolves around a special diet, shoots (this is the worst part for me) and a quest for walks. We are hoping that we can keep it under control to avoid more side effects (loss of his vision) and other problems.  Though along with his allergies, some days it’s one or the other of these afflictions are bothering him.  My hope is that Mr. Longlegs as I affectionately call him is with us for a long time. This is his favorite poise and cute.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Last? Yucky Project

Powered soap scum
 Finally started attacking the master shower stall today and what a mess.  Moldy caulk and soap scum are abundant in this shower.  I have rinsed it with bleach and soaked some of the caulk with no success at removing the mold. So now its straight edge blades and box cutters to the rescue...not really a rescue just more hard work.  I have always wanted a walk in shower and more than ever wish I had it.  No cleaning of shower doors and the metal fabricated frames that have lots of small cervices full of old moldy caulk, just waiting for me to remove...and its a nuisance and hard work.  But this is it for now on the inside of the house..the last gross item to be cleaned.
Removed caulk and scum
Last night the smoke alarms kept making that sharp annoying wail every five minutes...and guess what it started at 2 o clock in the morning...had to disconnect the thing...close the 12 foot high ceiling. Imagine finding a ladder and opening my eyes wide enough to figure out how to disconnect it.  First thing this morning four of the seven smoke alarms were replaced...the rest perhaps tomorrow.  Have you ever seen fly poop on a smoke alarm...these alarms were covered.  Hopefully the last of the items covered in poop.  Cannot imagine how many flies must have made this house their home.
On the war front with the pigeons...we are winning.  I shake a broom in the air at them and they leave, now George has a silly little gun that shoots yellow balls...and they leave.  One day soon, they will not visit our roof, leave thier deposits  and not lay any more eggs.  I have to say...Oh Happy Day.  And no more there a theme here?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Time? Where did it go?

Just opened my blog and its been almost a month since I have opened it. Where did the time go?
Holidays, cookie exchanges, dinners out, company from out of state, holiday parties, and just things we normally do.  One other item...working on the new house.  Fixing and cleaning the master shower stall, full of scum and mold in the caulk.  Yuck!  Finding the rubber gasket for the bottom of the door was the hardest....but done.
Christmas I must say was great here in Queen Creek, lots of homes were decorated, cold weather, frost on the lawn and rain.  What a treat!  Will update more tomorrow.