Sunday, January 31, 2010

D-Day - Aprons

It's now 3:48 pm and all is not well and I am exhausted.  My fingers hurt, arms are sore and actually am having a hard time seeing to do the edging, it's all a blur. So I decided to take a break from my aprons.  They deserve much more that I can do right now.  The mistakes started and as you can see in the blue waistband with the over stitching. This was an area that the problems just kept coming. Tear out is needed again for that portion of the  waistband,  perhaps three times is a charm,  but not in this case.  The exhaustion of sitting at the sewing machine for the last three days straight and with the pain in my back and shoulders, a break is needed at least for a few hours.  I realize that the ten aprons will not completed today as promised, but they are in various stages of completion.  I want to be proud of my finish aprons and be able to give them to their new owners with pride.  If I continue with sewing today, they will not get my best effort. Considering all of the careful selection of the fabrics and trims, I want them to be outstanding.  They have 50’s flair with the rickrack and sides being finished with the double-sided bias tape. So here it is...sorry my best shot didn't quite make it. No need today for a rush! Right! These will be master pieces..Rome wasn't built in a day or an apron completed.  The finish product or in this case the aprons will speak for themselves.  Personally I think this particular apron is jinxed...its upside down also. Just decided to leave it this way...perhaps its more interesting..will never forget that one. 
Wonder who I should give it to. Ummmm.
So here is the inventory of parts for one apron.
One front panel with scallop edge
Three separate pieces for the pockets
One lower section -with the scallop edge
Two ties or sashes
Two waistbands
Two and half yards of trim or rickrack
Two yards of double sided bias tape.
And last but not least...its seemed like miles of hems. The list to complete them isn't that long, there are some pockets to sew on, some waistbands to complete and sashs to attach. Silly me, I should have chosen an easier pattern..this one is extremely time consuming with the various pieces and shapes.  Just fitting them together can be overwhelming. A lesson learned. Thanks to Amber and Elisabeth for all of their support and encouragement...I just loved the comments and text messages. Sure brought smiles to my face and lots of laughter. For that was worth the effort.  Sure wanted to say I did it and jump with joy ...stayed tuned. More to come. Shortly I hope.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Snick Preview?

Look closely Amber and Lis!  There are bits and pieces of your aprons in this tailings pile. I feel like I am a miner, going down down to work at a sewing machine instead working in an underground mine.  All my hard work and its down to scraps, just scraps and only four days to go.  That’s it for now.  Lunch is calling.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Aprons, oh those aprons are on my mind, in my dreams and now all
over my house.  Went to Joanne's in the rain today to buy trim and
what did I buy? More material for guess what aprons. And those
aren't shown. Hope my friends and family like them! Nine more
days..Oh my!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Tablecloth

My cat Spice seems to like a particular tablecloth that I have.  She had found it a very comfortable place to sleep after I had laid it on the guest bed. Later that evening after she went outside, I moved it to the ironing board thinking it would be safe there.  What's become an usual happening I get busy and forget , this time it was to finish ironing.  Next morning see what greeted me when I looked in the guest bedroom. Spice sleeping on that tablecloth, where? On top of the ironing board!  Look at the second picture; she seems a little perturbed, looking right at me as though to say, “Why are you bothering me"! Spice has a new place to nap.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Impressions

Returned to my past place of employment and this is what now greets you as you enter the lobby, a small placard with a note to dial zero for assistance. If you look at the plaques in the background they show the company's ranking in the valley...either number one or two, at least in the top ten in their field. And now this is how this multimillion-dollar company greets its clients?  The statement I see as I entered is that we cannot afford anyone to welcome and recognize you as a client and person of importance to this firm. What does this represent, lack of funds, will this company survive? The other thought I have is the absence of security for the present employees. This is not one of the safest neighborhoods, actually one in transition and there have been some occasions for concerns. Sad to see the recession hitting companies so hard. Remember the past receptionists with a smile, it was wonderful to be greeted by a person who thought I was important!