Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Tick

Seems this area of Maryland has ticks...those wonderful blood sucking insects.  Yesterday we burned two of them off of Chloe, they were attached to her ears.  Had a long and sleepless night, hearing noises in the house, sounded like someone shuffling up and down the stairs, and my bed partners being two restless dogs, with two hours I noticed some discomfort on my chin.  It felt ichy  and a little sour, checked my face in the mirror and much to my dismay...I saw a tick with the skin around it, disclored.  This was at 8:00, Keith was gone, Krista wouldn't be up for a couple of hours, so I looked up what to do on the net...I couldn't see it well enough to remove it myself...didn't want to leave just the head attached. So I waited...with it feeling more uncomfortable. Then my thoughts turned to Lyme disease, started praying for Krista to get up.  Well she did and the tick after several trys with a hot set of twissors, the critter let go. With the lyme disease scare, I saved it, when I get back I will see if I can get that tick tested in Phoenix. Have a yucky looking spot now...hopefully it goes away soon.
Tomorrow, I am off and running to Washington DC.  Taking the Marc train out of Frederick to Union Station, from there I think I can get a bus to the DAR headquarters, off to the Smithsonian and then I want to see the World War 11 monument.  Should be a fun and exciting day...hope I don't get lost.  Will be taking the train back and then it's off to Ohio for the next part of this trip.  Always good to go home! Ohio!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Leaving Maryland

Sitting here in my daughter's kitchen, the sadness is a bit overwhelming.  The house is flithy and a mess.
Just unloading so I can get rid of the negative feelings I am having. Hope this move for them is thier own new beginning...they will need to change a few things.  But I am letting go, I can not and will not feed this any longer.  Time for both of them to grow bills and not just buy 300 dollar headphones.  Unbelievable!
Have been up for almost 3 hours and no one is does she expect me to clean up the mess, so I at least feel comfortable and do all of the packing. They pick up thier truck next Tuesday...a lot to do.
At this moment I would rather be at work...the feelings are depressing right now...Oh well, time for a smile as Lis says and get the day going. The sun is out and it truely is a wonderful fall day! And I am back east where my heart is...and this makes me cry...looks like I am also finding some answers to my own future.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Keeping on Track or Just enjoying the day!

It has been awhile since I have added a post.  Looks like on October 19th, I added a list of items to write about. Tackle them now one by one. After recieving my final check from CVL, it actually took me a week and a half to get up the courage or determination to actually take them to the bank to deposit,  seems like a final seperation notice, which of course it was..Today, I can not really explain why, I was putting it off. Perhaps, I was thinking, if I ignore it, it didn't happen?  The Cobra letter was really the topper, it discussed the reason for me recieving this option...TERMINATION!  It was like a knive being driven thru the heart, not laid off but terminated. Now to me that meant being FIRED...and in a sense that is what a lay off is. You were chosen to be let go...your services at that time are no longer needed or wanted. A hard thing to accept after years of service to the company, I thought I would retire from.
Thoughts also turn to will anyone else want me, is this a field I want to stay in, or is a new beginning needed.. a new career route or perhaps its time to go back to many options or paths to follow. Will need to decide soon...but not now!
But its on to some new beginnings, some of the joys of this time: no need to be in a hurry, actually have been enjoying breakfast (Joe's Grill) and lunchs with friends(Del Rio), the word hurry is not part of my life right now, walks at the riparian, no Sunday night worries, going to the movies with your friend actually during the week, taking care of things around the house, helping friends with thier projects and spending time with some very old friends that mean a lot. Regrets...haven't got to the aprons yet, they are cut out and waiting for me to finish. Must get to these soon...the fabric was for fall and that as we know is almost gone.  Keeping on track with project, without a job to help schedule a week is hard. There actually is no need for a daily schedule now and I need to change that. Though the inside of the house has been touched up, walls and baseboards. Next item here is the front door,  I do have the blank door and now I need to finish my design for the window insert...will be a prairie style and when completed will let a lot of light into the front hall...have wanted to do this forever!
I got the coupon bug...saving money has become a priority.  There are so many websites that people
have started to help you get started.  Actually have gotten fairly good at around 54 to 60 percent on my grocery bill each week..If I don't have coupon, well we don't need it that week.
Time has raced by and I now need to get more on track to finish and start some the items I need to. One being finding a resume writter and a good head hunter.  Decided that four resumes are needed: one to showcase my civil work, second to showcase my project management skills and third on for Public Service Jobs...number four will be for out of the country jobs.  After my trip to Maryland and Ohio, this will be my priority...looks like I won't be sleeping much, I have a lot to do.
Its off to Maryland for the last time Wednesday night, my daughter is moving to Boise, Idaho and I am
going there to help her pack.  Another sad departure, I love her house, land and location. If I could afford it, I would buy it myself...and since she will not longer be back east, this move for her  may change my own plans. I love the east coast, so this will be something I need to evaluate..especially if there is a grandchild involved.  I can only hope and pray every thing works out.

Enjoy the day...I am, off to the Riparian for a walk! One adventure planned for next year, walk the
Grand Canyon from the south rim to the north rim. Twenty one miles...three days...time to enjoy it.