Wednesday, February 17, 2010


An update on Karl...she is doing a lot better with her medications. Twice a day, one cc  in a syringe and it helps her heart.  We have been given more time with her. And its a good thing.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When life gives you lemons...make lemonade

File:Root Canal Illustration Molar.svg
Or in my case calm a tooth.
Last week I had a procedure that I have always feared...a root canal.  My poor tooth was dead and needed this procedure to avoid any further complications.  It actually went well, not much pain til last night.  The whole right side of my mouth hurts and is sore.  The dentist had said the tooth may get a crazed from the procedure, though I didn't think it would take this long...Friday to Tuesday night. Time for more aspirin, then back to Amber's apron.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Our bird Karl has a very enlarged heart.  Found this out yesterday after taking her to the bird vet.  The heart is filling about 70% of her body cavity.  A normal heart will only be about 30 %. This is causing some of her body parts not to function properly and this poor heart is working overtime.  She has taught us many things thru the years and am extremely glad she shared our lives. Remember when she was a little, I mean a little baby bird that I got from Tom Cooper, she was two weeks old and no feathers.  For about six weeks she shared my ride to and from work. She needed to be hand fed every two hours and this was the only way to accomplish this.  Jackie, Roy and Tom plus many others at CVL helped during the day with her feedings. I must say I think we got more on her than in her.  But she survived our good intentions.
Karl also used to ride around on the back of one of our dogs, named Wendy, an Australian shepherd. And being a female, much to my surprise, she has spoken at various times, and I was sure surprised each time.  There are so many memories to mention and each one special in my heart. And a female bird named Karl, who would have thought except for my daughter and husband.
Her chirping at us when we come home..makes for a wonderful greeting and what a greeting it is.  Saying Karl, Karl and she chirps back as though saying hi. 
For now she is relegated to having a heating pad in the bottom of her cage for warmth and having part of the cage covered.  Meds twice a day to help with the fluids around her heart hopefully with give us a little more time to enjoy this faithful friend. Here's to Karl and thanks for being here!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A New House?

homes for sale -
Not sure what we started or where we are headed, but have started this journey with the hope of purchasing a new house with at least an acre.  Some one I know wants some chickens and goats. And the game sure has changed...need preapproval for a mortgage before you can make an offer, percentage down, mortgage insurance, tax credits, short sales, bank owned, preforeclosures..and I am thinking where are the normal houses for sale?  You know some one just looking to sell their house and perhaps move up or out.
This will be an experience for sure.  Hopefully in two to three weeks our home of twenty two plus years will be up for sale..lots to do!  Will need Amber's help and encouragement! Elisabeth's help with the touch up painting and Lisa guidance with some rearranging needed.
Looked at four houses really nice(pictured above), one ok house and two complete dogs. The time frame on buying one of the above described homes is anywhere from four to eight months.  We may be moving twice, I guess it will be twice as fun. Always can rent another storage unit...wonder if they allow humans to live there?  ummmm.
I must admit it’s going to be an exciting roller coaster ride with some up and down days.  Can't wait, sure it will be fun and educational!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The "A" Apron

All right, here's an additional view of your much-deserved apron.  It has been moved to the forefront on the sewing table.  Will work on it later this afternoon after my other sewing adventure.  Poor Dave…the clock hands were blurry, she was actually gone for an hour and 15 minutes..she has this run down to a science.  Give the I am going to Michael’s excuse, start the car, quickly call the order in, arrive in Gilbert, pick the order up and pay for it….run to the table in the far corner and scarfe…that’s it. Oops I forgot she needs to set the timer on her cell phone for 10 minutes and begins eating the mountain of pork. Constantly watching her cell phone and listening for the Ring…Off it goes and she bolts for the door, KIA here she comes …one half mile to the 6o and then on to the 101 and home.  Drivers beware! She walks in very content…haven’t you noticed that I sure am full look?
Now Dave, would you like me to bring you some dinner tonight?  It’s a little out of my way but I would drive to Scottsdale just to make sure you are feed.  Let me know, I am worried about your health.